Amish furniture online information

While taking a trip to Amish country is a quaint vacation and you will certainly find many shops where you can buy great furnishings, buying Amish furniture online is easier and quicker. You can simply click to the type of product you want to buy and order it. It will be delivered to your door. The simple elegance of these products cannot be beat and the workmanship that goes into them is top-quality. We have formed a co-op with builders that allows us to offer you great prices on Amish furniture online. Read more about our business on our FAQ page.

Amish/Stickley furniture and the Arts and Crafts Movement: The Arts and Crafts movement was growing in popularity in England as Mission furniture was becoming fashionable in the western part of the United States. Both Amish and Stickley furniture were helped along in popularity by the Arts and Crafts movement. Simple, unadorned beauty was cherished during this movement as was the focus on social reform wherein aesthetics was coupled with society so individual craftsmanship was prized. Thus, some believe that this movement created an impetus for the purchase of Amish and Stickley furniture. Both were free from ornamentation and allowed the craftsmanship to shine in the structural elements like the tongue and groove joints, which were stylistic choices that exemplified the ideals of this movement.

Appeal of Mission style today

Mission StyleToday, the Amish still create the Mission style furnishings that were highly valued during the Arts and Crafts movement. Many people still love the look and the craftsmanship of this style. If you are one of them, our online store can help you find the quality pieces you want. We even sell individual pieces so you can create the complete bedroom suite that will work for your bedroom. You can also buy pieces for other rooms in your house like the living room, kitchen, office, or dining room. Simply click a link on the left to begin shopping.