Amish furniture wood options

Although their religious beliefs require separation from the non-Amish world, the non-Amish world recognizes that Amish furniture is made to the highest standards and contains real wood. In fact, you can choose from many different wood options in the furniture you desire:

  • Red Oak
  • Sawn Oak
  • Maple
  • Cherry

Within these woods, you can choose from different stain options including natural finish, light/medium/dark stain, Colonial stain, and others depending on the type of wood. You can see a complete listing by clicking on "Wood/Stain Options" on the left. Here you can see an image of the options available so you can make a more informed decision on your purchase of Amish furniture.

Top-quality furniture: Amish made tables

Amish Table FurnitureIf you are looking for tables, you know that getting quality furnishings can be a challenge. This is not true at We sell furniture, Amish made: this is top of the line merchandise available for you to buy online. There are many table top designs available:

  • Round
  • Oval
  • Square (sharp corner)
  • Queen Anne
  • Square (radium corner)
  • Clipped Corner
  • Kitchen
  • Duchess
  • Classic

Out of the many shapes available, you are sure to find one that complements your decor. The fact that you can buy it online now makes it easier than traveling to find the perfect furnishing for your house, too. Buying furniture, Amish styled, online at our store makes it easy for you to shop from the comfort of your home. Let us help you find the quality Amish pieces you need to furnish your house.